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all about me - aarJay

Hello! My name is Rijul (aaRJay).I am an avid software developer with interests in machine-learning, web development and information security. I am reading on ML concepts to help with my final year project at the moment.

I listen to a variety of music not limited by genre or language. Be it spanish,japanese or a cool russian mix I will groove to its beats. I play games a lot favourites being Dota 2 and Hearthstone.I am a proud otaku.Love watching anime-Naruto,Hellsing whatever.

I have a genuine problem connecting with poeple using the age old “talking” method hence the anonymity and the blog to share what I have to say. I have been meaning to start a blog for a long time and am happy not only that I did it but also that it was easy to setup.

This blog is going to be a showcase for all my projects and maybe some casual posts whenever I have a thought which cannot fit in 140 chars. It honestly doesnt matter if I have zero readers as long as I have an outlet for these overflowing thoughts I have whenever I space out in the middle of a conversation.LMAO.

So happy reading. Connect with me on telegram if you are a friend who I havent talked to in a while.😳.Would love to hear from you.